Stragglers from Social Media

6 Feb

Lt. Hiroo Onoda lived in the jungles of Lubang Island, Philippines for 29 years, 1945 to 1972, after the Japanese forces were defeated by the Allied Forces in World War II.  He was one of those Japanese soldiers, eventually called stragglers, that held on by living in isolation believing that the war is not yet over and deciding to resist. While I admire Lt. Onoda and compatriots for their heroism and loyalty, I still cannot understand why some people today similarly resist accepting the benefits of  social media and instead choose to remain disconnected from these important evolutions in communication.

I do not address this primarily at those who are commonly described as “laggards” in the adoption of new technology (see Albert’s previous post on this) but rather at  the ones  who continue to wave their so- called anonymity from the system as a badge of honor. They are so wrong. Because as someone once said, “the (r)evolution will happen, with or without us.”

Nothing is really mysterious about Social Media. All they truly offer are new channels to reach out to each other, and pretty efficient ones at that.  They allow us to be “heard” when before opinions have been drowned out by the powerful PR machinery.  We now have unprecedented access to a global audience that was invisible to us at one time. And most importantly, we can be the spark that was  Khaled Said that brought down a tyrant on his knees.

I suspect though that most stragglers from Social Media are not true luddites, but merely people who are uncertain where they need to start and are afraid to for ask help. (Some may even be driven by mis-information and unfounded fears) So reach out to someone if you can. All it takes is that first “Sign Up”  step to show them their way to a world of opportunities.


3 Responses to “Stragglers from Social Media”

  1. Tessa Rickart February 6, 2011 at 4:51 am #

    First off, great post.
    I completely agree with the impact social media has had and you put it perfectly with you quote about it happening “with or without us.”
    I feel like people who are hesitant to join are so due to a fear of the unknown. Many times, they are members of an older generation who find it hard to adjust. But the bottom line is that social media, for all its positives and negatives, not only keeps us connected, but the lets the voices’ of the masses be heard. I love that power!

    • rvbello February 6, 2011 at 6:37 pm #

      Thanks for the kind words Tessa. Social Media is here to stay indeed. Looking forward to your ideas on the future development of this important communication channel. Do keep in touch, all the best.– Ramon


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