Escape from the “Seniors”

9 Feb

Facebook in my country– the Philippines–has grown by leaps and bounds these past six months. Something like +30% or 7 million new account registrations for a total of 22 million strong Filipino social networkers. That was enough to land this tiny nation the fifth slot of leading facebook countries worldwide. At a high 75% penetration of the its online population,  the fact is it’s astounding considering that the country is still classified as “developing”. One thing is sure though,  “being social” comes naturally to a people who love to connect and stay in touch.

Another notable blip is the rise of older age groups (45 yrs and above) seen joining the bandwagon in droves. From almost being non-existent a year earlier, they have now accounted for over 10% of  local facebookers. Probably fueled by high school reunions or a need for emotional support during mid-life stages, demographics have since been on a steady upward movement. Consequently, we have seen a telling exodus of younger people as well, particularly with  precocious little  “tweens”. We can interpret this as a form of rebellion from the RealWorld of older people or as they like to call them– “seniors”. This is directed at their parents or anyone with even just a streak of grey hair. Seniors are destined to float in the lonely limbo of “awaiting confirmation” when it comes to these influential youth.

The challenge for Facebook therefore  is  how to remain still tres cool and relevant even with seniors, nagging product fan pages and silly farming games around the once- radical territory. Of course, some segments are always expected to fall into the cracks in any progression, but perhaps even with its massive success, an honest-to-goodness re-invention is in the offing for FB. To be more inclusive while retaining a clear cutting-edge. I tend to look at the Rubik’s cube for divination. Peace.


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