About Me

I’ve been around enough to remember when “social” was a dirty word. It was often associated with indiscriminate intimacy of another kind.  Today the same is much bandied about to the point when it’s almost fashionable, I mean the Social Media kind.

I’ve also been in marketing communications for more than half my life, as FMCG Media Manager, Radio Network Marketing Head, CEO of an Advertising Agency, Entrepreneur and more recently Director of Digital Marketing at Shoppers2Buyers.com. And yet I cannot remember a time when marketers had felt more effete than they do today. Gone are the powers of sizzle and sexy models. Or the time when it was all a matter of pressing the right “button’, and people behaved like drones and us, erhh..gods from Olympus. But then, the game-changer called the Internet had brought with it, the revolt of the “crowds”. The crowds saying, “we’ve had enough and we don’t trust you anymore to decide for us!” Now, they get to push the buttons and we have no choice but to listen.

This blog is an exploration of that phenomenon. Rather than attend a seminar to understand Social Media more deeply, I’ve resolved instead to live the Social Life 24/7 as the better way. So, join me friends and find out for yourselves, if this “social” is just another fashion season, in a road fraught with dead-ends and bland iterations. Let us all re-discover the “sauce’ that made Social Media truly special.

— Ramon Bello (Digital Director, Shoppers2Buyers Corp)


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